As a veterinarian, my clients often ask me to recommend specific products for their pets. And since I’m a pet owner myself, I’ve used a LOT of products! But I’m very picky about what I recommend:

Fear Free. This is the most important especially with training guides and tools. I never ever recommend any kind of training that involves punishing, scaring, or hurting an animal. What the heck kind of veterinarian would I be if I told people to harm their pets?! Not a very good one, for sure. Therefore, you won’t find any tools like shock, pinch, or choke collars in my store. You’ll only find products and guides specifically designed to enhance the loving and trusting relationship between you and your pet.

Safe. Some products just suck. There’s no other way to put it. From car harnesses that don’t actually protect your pet in case of an accident, to plastics that leech toxins into your pet’s food and water, there are many products out there that have no business being in your home. Every product in my store is personally hand-picked by me to be safe and perform extremely well.

Healthy. I only recommend foods and treats that are free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Foods are formulated by board-certified nutritionist veterinarians, not some random celebrity chef. Love you Rachel Ray, but you’re not a veterinary nutritionist. All the diets I recommend adhere to both WSAVA guidelines and AAFCO standards. While nobody knows the optimal dog or cat diet (anyone who says otherwise is lying AND trying to sell you something), we can strive for the best nutrition based on what we know now. Real science-based nutrition, not based on trendy words like “human grade” or beliefs.

I’ll put this out there right now: I do NOT recommend grain free diets for dogs. Until we understand why grain-free diets have been associated with a potentially fatal type of heart disease called Dilated Cardiomyopathy, I strongly recommend that you take your dog off grain free food. There is absolutely no proven benefit to grain free dog food, unless your dog is among the fewer than 5% of dogs allergic to grain. And even then, I doubt your dog is allergic to ALL grain. More information can be found on the FDA’s website investigating the link between grain free diets and DCM.

Fun. The whole purpose of including pets in our lives is to have fun with them! Pets bring such joy and love into our homes, so let’s spoil the heck out of them.

For a Good Cause.  10% of proceeds go to local non-profit organization It Takes a Village Rescue.    These people do great work taking animals out of abusive situations, off the streets, and out of kill shelters.  They provide veterinary care and lots of love to the animals in their care.