101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog by Kyra Sundance and Chalcy

Fun tricks to teach your dog to

  • Engage his brain
  • Show off how smart your dog is
  • Enhance the bond between you and your dog
  • Have fun!



When your dog has mastered the basics in training, you can really up your game with this book!  Go ahead, show off how smart your dog is by teaching him all kinds of cool tricks.

Sundance teaches you the scientifically sound methods of positive reinforcement, shaping, and luring to help you train your dog to:

  • Put his toys away
  • Play peekaboo
  • Dance with you
  • And my personal favorite- go to the fridge and get me a beer!

I’m sure you’re already familiar with positive reinforcement- rewarding the behavior you want and ignoring the behavior you don’t want.  However you may not be as familiar with shaping and luring.  Luring is just what it sounds like.  I use it to teach a dog to lay down.  Start with the dog in front of you and hold a treat in your hand.  Give the cue for down (or lay, whatever, just be consistent).  Slowly lower your hand with the treat towards the floor.  Your dog’s head will follow your treat hand, and eventually so will his body.  You can break up learning to down into smaller increments and shape the behavior if your dog doesn’t seem to understand what you want at first.  You do the same thing- hold a treat, slowly lower it to the ground, and when your dog’s nose hits the floor, give the reward.  Do that a few times so he knows that his nose on the ground means he gets a treat.  Now, you’re going to do the same thing, but wait for his front end to be on the ground also.  No treats until the front end is down.  His butt may be sticking straight up in the air but he got closer to what you wanted, so you reward that.  Finally, you don’t reward him until his whole body hits the floor for that treat.

You can have a lot of fun, exercise your dog’s brain, and enhance your bond with your dog with trick training!

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