2 Hounds Design No Pull Dog Harness

A harness that prevents pulling AND gives your dog a closer connection with your intentions is the key to loose leash walking success.  Super-strong stainless steel buckles and connectors and a warranty against chewing make this leash and harness a no-brainer.  Available in multiple sizes and colors.


This harness set is the bomb.  It uses a 2-lead system to help control your dog from the front to prevent pulling, and from the back to help him understand what you want him to do.  The object is to give your dog some freedom in going on walks.  He’s not a robot, and he should enjoy smelling the roses when out for a walk.  Or whatever, I know it’s not roses he’s sniffing.  The harness works without any pain or discomfort to your dog, which is exactly what we want.  You’re going to be training your dog through 100% positive means to walk on a loose leash.  See Let’s Go! in the Essential Skills for a Brilliant Family Dog book set by Beverly Courtney.   So throw out the shock, pinch, and choke collars.  Get rid of the harnesses that dig under the armpits and cause pain and chaffing.  We’re going to take your dog on a leash walk that BOTH of you can enjoy!

I’m using this leash system for Annika because

  1. She’s a husky, and they’re designed to pull.  I don’t want to use a harness that rewards her for pulling.  So most harnesses that only have a leash hook on the back are out.
  2. She’s a BIG and STRONG husky at that!  I made the mistake once of rollerskating with a previous husky of mine who was about her size.  I ended up in my neighbor’s hedges because Aleks had decided to take me off-roading in pursuit of a squirrel.  I won’t make that mistake again!  The front clip prevents her from lunging and pulling- she’s guided gently back to me to look for different directions.
  3. A front-only harness only guides a dog when they’re trying to pull.  Annika needs to know which direction I’m intending on taking her even if she’s a little ahead of me.  The subtle change in balance of the leash connected to her back clip on this harness accomplishes that.
  4. The buckles and clips are stainless steel, not easy to break apart plastic.  Much safer for a strong dog.
  5. They even include a warranty against the dog chewing through the leash and harness.  Considering Annika has chewed through 2 leashes so far, this is a good thing.  She hasn’t found this leash interesting, at least not yet.  Fingers crossed!

This harness comes in  multiple sizes and colors and includes the double lead system.

I am an Amazon Affiliate.  When you purchase on Amazon by clicking through my website, you pay Amazon’s current price and I get a commission.  10% of our proceeds go to It Takes a Village Rescue.  Thank you for your support!

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