Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit Breed + Health Report


Basepaws is the only DNA test kit for cats that includes health markers for diseases.

Unfortunately it is not as good at identifying cat breeds.  Why?  Because cat breeds are a relatively new thing, especially compared to dog breeds.  Different breeds of cats simply aren’t that genetically different from each other because they all diverged from the same source only a few hundred years ago at most.  Some dog breeds have been around for thousands of years (yes, seriously).  You can get a breed group for your cat: Eastern, Western, Exotic, Persian, or Polycat.  Here’s what the breed report looks like


So you’re really not going to find out if your street cat is a purebred Maine Coon (Hint, it’s not.  Nobody lets their $1000 cat wander the streets, trust me).  But you will find out if she is similar other Western breed cats or more similar to a Persian cat.  That can go a long way in explaining personality traits.  Plus it’s just plain fun to know.

The more people who have their cats tested, the better the breed test will be.  Some people are alarmed when they get updates on their cat’s breed types, but that’s just science doing its thing.  Science depends on data, and the more data that is collected, the more specific and better the results.  So as more people get their cats’ DNA tested, the more accurate and specific the results will be.  It’s nice that Basepaws does the automatic updates- you don’t have to repurchase to get the updated results.

All that being said, the real value is the disease testing.  We don’t know as much about cat DNA as we do dog DNA, so instead of over 100 disease tests, we have only 39 gene mutations for 17 cat diseases.   However these tests can be literally life-saving.  It is imperative to know if your cat is at risk for polycystic kidney disease for example.  A simple ultrasound can confirm the disease and you start a proactive treatment plan thus dramatically improving the quality and length of your cat’s life.  As the cat genome is more fully understood and more genetic markers are discovered, you’ll get these updates as well.

Other cat DNA test kits are for purebred cats only.  These kits are for breeders so they can improve the health of their lines of purebred cats by eliminating genetic diseases.  If you adopted your cat from a shelter, the streets, a friend, or the cat adopted you, then the Basepaws DNA Test Kit Breed + Health Report is your best bet!

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