Bestio Pet Food & Treat Dispensing Tumbler Toy


Similar to a Kong but with more adjustability, the Bestio Pet Food & Treat Dispensing Tumbler Toy is a great way to alleviate the following problems in both cats and dogs:

  1. Boredom.  When dogs and cats are home alone or you are trying to get other things done, they may get bored.  When pets get bored, they make up ways to entertain themselves, which often leads to the destruction of your home.  When given a long-lasting activity such as eating from a dispensing toy, they stay focused on the toy and leave your  stuff intact.
  2. Obesity.  Unfortunately a lot of pets are over weight.  When given a bowl full of food, they’ll often gobble it all up and look for more.  Being so cute, it’s hard to resist giving them a few extra snacks.  You can measure your pet’s food and give their ration in this toy.  It will take longer for them to eat, and they’ll feel fuller longer.  Diets suck enough already, might as well make it as easy as possible on your pet to lose weight!
  3. Increase activity.  These toys won’t dispense food or treats without your pet at least pawing at it.  Very food motivated pets will chase it around the house.

The Bestio Pet Food & Treat Dispensing Tumbler Toy is made of food-safe ABS and PP plastics.   However I wouldn’t put them in the dishwasher, as these plastics were not intended to be exposed to high heat.  Wash in the sink with warm soapy water after use.

Available in 3 colors (blue, green, and yellow), the best feature of the Bestio Pet Food & Treat Dispensing Tumbler Toy is the adjustable dial that allows different sized items to be used in the toy and you can make the toy more difficult for your pet so it takes longer for them to empty the toy.

The drawback is that you can only use try food and treats, unlike the Kong where you can slather all sorts of stuffings into it.  So you really have to be careful with how much kibble you put into the dispenser, especially for cats who should only eat about 2 tablespoons of dry food per day.  Click here to learn more about how to feed cats.

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