Blue Wilderness Cat Soft Training Treats- Mixed Variety


When you’re training your cat, you need a lot of treats on hand for good behavior.  You want something that your cat can devour within a few seconds.  If she’s taking a long time to savor the treat, she’ll forget what she did to earn it, and that’s not cool!  It also has to be something good enough for your cat to work for.  And preferably something soft that doesn’t bounce.  If you’re training your cat to stay, it’s not fair for them to chase a bouncy treat across the room and break the stay.

As a veterinarian, I appreciate that these treats don’t contain any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.  They’re high protein and low calorie, perfect for training cats.  Or just showing how much you love her 🙂

With as finicky as cats can be, sometimes it’s hard to find exactly what she wants. Hence, a variety pack.  If your cat has a favorite, you know that’s the flavor to buy in bulk.  Donate rejects to Lending Paws a Hand in Sanford, or Moore County Humane Society in Carthage.  The kitties will thank you for it!

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