Clickers- 7 piece set

You need clickers for clicker training.  It’s kind of a thing.


If you’ve decided to clicker train your dog, cat, fish, horse, bird, lizard, and/or child (I don’t judge), you’re going to need clickers.  Lots of clickers.  I recommend one clicker for each member of your family who will be participating in training- and don’t discount anyone based solely on age.  If the person can recognize good behavior and has any sense of timing, they can help clicker train.  Your 4 year old who blows you away in  World of Warcraft? Yeah, he can clicker train your dog.

These things don’t last forever so you might as well have a couple of backups.  And no, the more expensive ones don’t last any longer.  I tried.  Hey at least your kids won’t fight over whose clicker is whose.  They can each choose their favorite color.

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