DoggoRamps Bed Ramp for Medium to Large Breed Dogs


I have to admit, when my dogs can no longer jump into bed, they simply don’t get into bed with me.  My own back just can’t take lifting 50 plus pounds of dog every night.  I really wish I had room for one of these ramps but I live in an older home with small rooms.  I could have a ramp, but then I wouldn’t be able to walk between my bed and the wall.  That won’t work for me.  Sigh.

If you are blessed enough to have the room and a dog who likes to snuggle at night, the DoggoRamp Bed Ramp can be a back saver when it gets tough for your dog to get into the bed on his own.  It’s super-sturdy for dogs up to 200 pounds!  I only have one patient- Diesel you know I’m talking about you- who exceeds the weight capacity of this ramp.  I love that the DoggoRamps is adjustable, so if you have a high bed like I do, your dog can still use the ramp.  And the railings are reversible too.

The DoggoRamps Bed Ramp for Medium to Large Dogs comes in 5 designer colors to match your decor.

It has an anti-slip surface so no worries about your dog splaying out on the ramp.  It’s fully assembled; all you do is attach the safety rails to the appropriate size and click it in place to the right height for your bed.  Done.

The best thing is their training guide.  A dog who has never navigated a ramp before may be afraid of this weird new piece of furniture and not know how to use it.  The step by step instructions ensure your dog likes and uses the ramp.  They even offer a guarantee if your dog won’t use the bed.  But that’s probably not a going to be an issue- with 100% 5-star reviews, this is a great product!

The platform is 19 inches wide but you need 21 inches clearance around the base of the ramp.  You can put it along side the bed if it doesn’t work on the end of the bed in your home.

Check out the DoggoRamps Dog Bed Ramp for Small Dogs under 40 pounds if that suites your needs better.


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