Halti Head Halter for Dogs


The Halti Head Halter for Dogs is by far the best head collar available.  It has thick padding on the snout so your dog’s nose doesn’t get chaffed.  That’s a really nice feature especially if your dog isn’t used to a head collar and tries to pull it off.  And it works for even smushy-faced dog breeds like Pekingese and Bulldogs.

But what I really love about the Halti Head Halter is the fact that it has a safety clip to attach your dog’s regular collar.  One of my Houdini Huskies managed to get a head collar off while we were on a walk in the woods.  I was so glad that the safety clip was there to prevent him from escaping because I have *never* been in good enough shape to catch up with a running husky!  Most other head collars do not have this safety clip.  If your dog manages to get the head collar off, they’re gone.

The Halti Head Collar is a wonderful tool for teaching dogs not to pull when you’re walking on a leash.  You don’t have to do anything.  When they start to get too far away or ahead, their heads will automatically turn to look at you.  Just stand there and wait for your dog to realize that she can’t go anywhere except back towards you.

Do NOT pull or yank on a head collar like you may have been taught with a choke or prong collar.  A head collar is not a punishment or correction device, it is a leading device.  You’re The Leader, not The Punisher (do what you want in the gym).  She can’t move forward with her head towards you.  She’ll make the choice to come back towards you so her head can face forward once you start walking again.  See how easy it is?  Give your dog a choice, but make the right choice the easy or fun one!

The Halti Head Halter is also very useful for teaching your dog Leave It! or to watch you for the next cue.

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