Halti Training Lead


This thing looks weird, right?  I mean, what are you supposed to do with a leash that has clips on both ends?

The Halti Training Lead is designed to be used for both the Halti Head Halter (say that 3 times fast) and the 2 Hounds Design No Pull Dog Harness.  You attach one clip to the Halti Head Collar and the other clip to your dog’s regular collar.  Or you attach one to the 2 Hounds Design No Pull Dog Harness at the front and the back clips.  What this does is give you more control over your dog while on a walk, the gentle no fear no punishment no force way.

How?  Well, dogs are very perceptive.  You know that intuitively but maybe you don’t know HOW perceptive.  They can feel subtle changes in the leash when it is attached to either the Halti Head Halter or the 2 Hounds Design No Pull Dog Harness.  But when attached to BOTH parts- the head collar and the regular collar, or both the front and back of the harness- then they really feel what you want.  This means you can “tell” your dog which way to go without jerking, yanking, choking, shocking, or otherwise making the walk unpleasant for both of you.



Above picture shows how you can hook up the Halti Training Lead to a no-pull harness.  I don’t like this particular harness though because it’s designed to cut under the dog’s armpits to stop pulling.  We don’t do painful stuff in training!  The picture below shows how the Halti Training Lead hooks up to the Hatli Head Harness as well as your dog’s collar for ultimate safety.

The 2 Hounds Design No Pull Dog Harness comes with a 2-clip leash, but it’s short.  This is good for training.  Once your dog is trained on the short 2-clip leash that comes with the harness, she earns more freedom with the longer Halti Training Lead.  You can even go hands-free with this lead!  I really like it for the versatility and the added safety of being able to make sure my Houdini Huskies don’t escape from their Head Collar or Harness.  I’m paranoid that way.  You can even hook up 2 well-trained dogs on this lead and walk them together.


It’s a crazy looking lead but one that I really can’t live without!

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