Kongs: Classic, Extreme, Puppy, and Senior


Kongs are such a simple product, yet they are so versatile.

Kong Purposes
Dogs that chew things they shouldn’t can be redirected with a Kong.  Teach your dog to Leave It by playing the trade game.  Offer a low-value item like a not-so-fun toy and get your dog to engage with that toy.  It may take some doing to make a boring toy fun so be creative and just a bit silly.  When your dog has the toy, say Leave It and offer something better like a treat-stuffed Kong.  They’ll totally forget about chewing your shoes and furniture!

Dogs with separation anxiety may be helped with Kongs.  Stuff a Kong with xylitol-free peanut butter or squeeze cheese and freeze it overnight.  Right before you leave the house, give your dog the yummy Kong.  The Kong will help take your dog’s mind off the fact that you’re gone.

You an also alleviate boredom with a Kong the same way.  Not all dogs who are destructive when you’re gone have separation anxiety, some are just bored.  The frozen food-stuffed Kong provides hours of entertainment and gives your dog an appropriate outlet for exercising their brain when they are alone or you are trying to get other things done.  You can also crate-train your dog the same way.

We leave some treat-stuffed Kongs outside for the dogs so they have something to “dig” without actually digging up the yard.  Some folks with super-diggers (I’m looking at you, Terriers) bury treat-stuffed Kongs in a kiddie sandbox to give their dogs a place to do their excavations without destroying the garden.

My dogs also love chasing the Kong, even without treats.  The random bounces make it much more fun than a ball which can be pretty predictable.  We don’t play fetch, we play chase, so I get a little exercise too.  I guess that’s a good thing.

Nothing is more frustrating for owners of Super Chewers to bring home a new dog toy, only to have it destroyed within minutes.  While they sure do enjoy tearing toys apart, the fun is too short-lived for the money we spend on them.  The Kong Extreme has proven itself in my home with huskies and rotties.  It’s made of much harder natural rubber.  I won’t say they’re indestructible, but they are certainly a long harder to chew apart than the regular Kong!

Puppies who are teething need things to chew on and the Kong Puppy is the perfect texture for them.  It’s soft enough to soothe sore gums and won’t break fragile baby teeth.   For older dogs, the Senior Kong is even softer, so they can enjoy chewing without the risk of hurting possibly diseased teeth.  Of course, you’ll be seeing your vet soon to fix the diseased teeth issue 🙂

As a veterinarian, it’s hard to think of a more versatile, safer, and pet-friendly toy than a Kong.  All sizes are available with each link.

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