Lickimat Splash Slow Feed Bowl for Dogs and Cats


Lickimats are one of the coolest newish slow feeders on the market.  While I don’t use them for actually feeding dogs or cats, they are amazing for distracting pets for things that can be unpleasant- like bathing, grooming, vet visits, etc.  The Lickimat Splash is bowl shaped and will stick to any smooth surface.

Put one in the bathtub to distract your pet when you are giving her a bath.  Pretty soon, bath time will go from a struggle to spa-like zen for both of you.

Natasha, one of my huskies, doesn’t like being brushed, which is a problem two times per year when she’s blowing her coat.  I’m using the Lickimat Splash to help desensitize and counter-condition her to brushing.  She loves squeeze cheese and peanut butter, so I smear a bit of both into the Lickimat Splash and stick it to my fridge.  While she licks the delicious food, I gently give her a few brushes.  Before she used to snap at me- she was telling me in no uncertain terms that she REALLY HATES being brushed.  Now I can just get out the brush and she runs to the fridge for her Lickimat Splash-filled treats!

Besides peanut butter and squeeze cheese, you can fill the Lickimat Splash with canned chicken or tuna, yogurt, canned dog or cat food, pureed veggies, or combinations of things- whatever your pet loves most.  Some of my clients mix their pet’s medications into a favorite treat and their pet will readily take the medication without any problems at all.

I really like the Lickimat Splash because it’s made of food-grade rubber, it’s dishwasher safe, and it’s recyclable if you decide to get rid of it.  It is NOT a chew toy, so watch your pet closely when using the Lickimat Splash.  Some enthusiastic pets will try to eat the Lickimat Splash instead of lick the food off it.

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