Logical Leather 6 Foot Dog Leash

This 6 foot leather dog leash is perfect for most training sessions and public appearances.  Available in multiple colors!


Leashes are extremely important tools for both training and safety for your dog.  For most training and most public situations, a 6-foot leash is ideal.   It gives your dog some freedom but keeps her close enough to prevent her from stepping out into traffic or fighting with another pet.  I personally like leather leashes because they last forever (assuming your dog doesn’t eat the leash…grrrr), are comfortable, sturdy, water-resistant, and they don’t fray or get stained easily.  I have a few original leather leashes from my first dogs- from 1995!

This particular leash is available in multiple colors so you can coordinate with your dog’s collar, or harness, or your outfit 🙂

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