Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Training Pouch


All this positive (pawsative?) reinforcement comes at a cost- during training, you gotta have treats available pretty much all the time to reward your dog for making good choices.  I tried fanny packs- HATE THEM.  There’s a reason those things went out of style like 30 years ago and never came back (thankfully).  I like a cross-shoulder bag but the ones I own aren’t pet treat friendly.  They’re difficult to get into quickly, which is great for my phone and wallet, but not so much when I’m trying to mark good behavior in my dog.  Plus they don’t clean well and I don’t really want my sparkly rhinestone-studded bad-ass leather bag to smell like dog treats.

So this bag is pretty darned good.  It can be worn 3 ways: as a cross-shoulder bag the way I like, as a fanny pouch the way my father-in-law likes, or as a belt clip the way my husband likes.  It has a space for poop bags, and no, you don’t need to buy anything fancy, a grocery store bag fits in just fine.  And it has a separate pocket for your phone, keys, and wallet.  Everything you need to train your dog on a trail or in your home.  Plus I can save my fancy cross-shoulder bags for fancy occasions.  OK, I don’t actually do fancy.  In these times, a pop-up restaurant in a parking lot does the trick.

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