Toddleroo Easy Swing and Lock Baby Gate 36″ tall, white


For taller dogs, a taller baby gate is needed.  I wish the Toddleroo Easy Swing and Lock Baby Gate 36″ version was available when I bought the 31″ version because Natasha can easily clear the 31″ gate.  Honestly she can clear a 6 foot privacy fence so there is nothing that will stop her in the home.  However it keeps Annika and Sirella at bay, so we can still prepare food in the kitchen without any dog fights, the main purpose for us to purchase this gate in the first place.  Ah the joys of multiple dog living!  Actually I do really love having multiple dogs, just not dog fights.

The reasons I like this gate:

  1.  No threshold.  Chelsea (my RVT) and I often see patients in homes that have baby gates.  Maybe we’re just ridiculously klutzy, but we often stumble over the lower metal horizontal bars.  I can only imagine me carrying fragile things like client-gifted free range eggs  into my kitchen and tripping and losing my precious food.  I’m not one to waste food as anyone can easily see!
  2. Wide gate opening.  When Chelsea and I have to squeeze through gates that have narrow openings with all our medical equipment bags, it’s tight.  The Toddleroo Easy Swing and Lock Baby Gate opens as wide as the doorway, so no squeezing necessary.
  3. It screws into the wall.  Your dog or cat can’t knock this gate over like a compression gate.  You can leave it open if you want, and then just swing it shut and lock it when needed.  A compression gate has to be reinstalled every time you want to go through the doorway.  Which is a pain in the butt when you are carrying stuff.
  4. The gate is adjustable from 28.68 inches to 47.85 inches wide.  That’s not an open floor-plan kind of sizing, but it will cover almost any doorway or stairway!

The one disappointment is that Annika pulled one of the vertical bars out of our gate.  They aren’t welded in that well, which I’m sure is fine for a baby but if you have a determined dog with a lot of strength, it’s a problem.  Oddly, Annika stopped pulling on bars once she removed the one and could stick her head through; she still can’t get through the gate even with that one bar missing.  So it still works.

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