Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution: The Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Pet with Love by Zak George

A dog parent’s manual!


Have you ever wished that everything you needed to know about welcoming a new dog into your family was right there in one place, like a pet parent’s manual?  This book is it.  You will learn everything from choosing the right dog for your family, to choosing your veterinary care provider, and of course, training.  George touches on everything from puppy socialization to crate training, leash walking to aggression.   You can avoid a lot of common dog behavior problems by following the advice in this book.  And we all know that avoiding problems is much easier than fixing problems, right?

Zak George is a professional dog trainer who starred in Animal Planet’s Superfetch and BBCs Who Let the Dogs Out.  He also has a youtube channel which corresponds with this book you can see exactly how he is training and copy his success.

People often ask me how my huskies are so good when they have a reputation for being stubborn and difficult to train.  I’ve always said that training huskies is easy: make your dog think that what you want her to do is the best thing in the whole wide world, and it was her idea.  In other words, give your dog freedom to choose, but set up the choice so that your dog wants to do what you want her to do.  You want your dog to joyfully and intentionally partner with you, not to be scared into submission or to reluctantly obey.  This is exactly the way George teaches you to train your dogs as well.  If it can work for a notoriously stubborn hard to train breed, it can work for any dog!

You will find many  hints and tricks to increase your training success in this book.  Here’s a good example.  Before  a leash training session, play a quick but active game of fetch or chase in the yard with your dog.  She’ll be in a better mental place to pay attention to you after she’s burnt off some excess energy.  So simple, and so much easier to train your dog after a quick game, yet you probably never thought of it!  Here’s the video for leash walking a puppy.

Very gentle, very patient.  You’ll notice that the reinforcer is chosen by the dog- she wasn’t all that interested in treats, but she became engaged with the toy.  Positive reinforcement only works when the reinforcer is something desired by the dog!  There is as much art to dog training as there is science.

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