Zuke’s Mini Naturals Treats Salmon 2 16oz Pouches


I love the Zuke’s brand because their products are all natural made with high quality ingredients, they test their products regularly, and they use renewable resources for a healthy environment.

Your dog is going to need a lot of treats for being a good dog!  Rewards are the basis for positive training methods, the only method of training we recommend.  If your dog loves salmon, he is going to love these treats.  They’re perfect for training because they’re small and easy to gobble down quickly, low calorie, healthy,  and soft so they don’t bounce around.  Bouncing treats can cause your dog to make poor choices- like chasing the treat instead of maintaining a stay.  Instant rewards that are quickly consumable let your dog know exactly what he did to earn his reward, unlike a treat that takes a long time to consume.  He may forget why he got the reward in the first place, and that’s not cool!

Zukes is going through a little brand uplift so the packaging may be different on your treats versus what is shown here.  However it’s still the same healthy natural treats we recommend!

  • Real salmon is the #1 ingredient
  • Wholefood cherries and savory herbs help to support his healthy lifestyle
  • Made without corn, wheat or soy
  • 3 calorie treats are great for frequent, guilt-free rewards

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